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"Complex Cover "

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"Interview with O5"

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"Rap Up Interviews"

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"WYLAT Europe"

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Dominik is CoolroySays right?

It’s possible. 

Is there going to be another visual off sail out or is she pretty much done?

I think she’s going to do another.. I hope she does. 

Are you sure is wasn't about marquis cause she was dating him around the time her brother passed but it did say she left him cause he found out and she didn't want to hurt him.

I’m sure. 

you just lost a follower.

I didn’t notice…

Say they love you when you know they don’t

Say they will, but shit… you know they won’t.

All of them did the same to you.

I was not the only one to you

I was the only lonely one.

That night turned into every weekend

You took me out and left me in the deep end.

Why would you call this love when you knew that it wasn’t?

If not was not love then please…. tell me, what was it?

Im a HUGE fan of Jhene, always have been since around 06, 05. But I do have to agree with some people about her live performances. It may be that she is nervous, but I really do hope that she does conquer her nerves sometime soon so her voice doesn't sound so off when she is singing live. (especially her live performances of 3:16am) She's a very talented song-writer and vocalist and she has many supportive fans that deserve to see her at her best. Hopefully she doesn't smoke too much weed!

I’m sure she will conquer them… and if not then that’s okay too. She doesn’t really have to prove anything to anyone. She does this because she loves to and there are people who appreciate it, perfection is a state of mind so no matter how she sounds people will always critique her good and bad. 

Do you pronounce Jhene's daughter's name nam-me-co? (I hope I wrote it out correctly enough for you to understand)

lol yea I understand and yes that’s how you say it. “me” like “me and you”.

No, it is Sean as in Big Sean.

No it’s not.

To the person that asked how to get a flat stomach like her workout and eat healthy. And owner if your gonna answer questions just answer them stop being sarcastic

First of all,  I was not being sarcastic, Jhene is petite, SHE WAS BORN PETITE which is why I gave that particular answer. and as someone trying to correct me, learn how to spell first. 

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